Enjoy & Sonos, a Winning Combo

If you’ve followed Ron Johnson from Target to Apple to in-and-out of JC Penney, you know his latest effort is as Founder/CEO of Enjoy, which he talks about on Recode (and for which he notably snagged the URL, enjoy.com).

Think about this as Instacart-for-electronics if Instacart were already delivering to our refrigerators as Walmart is testing. Or think of it like a delivery-and-install crew from a high-touch electronics store, but across retailers and brands and refusing to accept gratuities.

Enjoy currently partners with limited companies, including Sonos, AT&T, and DJI. Delivery is free to customers through Sonos, though I imagine long-term some brands will cover the cost and others may charge for it — at least until making same-day white glove delivery free is the table stakes that free shipping has become. 

Although part of Enjoy’s business model must be a revenue share an any product their “Experts” upsell, I wasn’t pitched at all. My Expert provides 45 minutes of helpful handholding as I connected my new Sonos One speakers to my original Sonos speakers and to my Amazon Echo, hopping between the two apps throughout. We even talked through the pros and cons of connecting my toddler’s Echo Dot to anything else, and decided against it.

As luck would have it, the ecosystem didn’t stay connected exactly as we had installed it and Alexa is nearly unresponsive via the either of my new One speakers (anyone else experiencing this?). So, per Enjoy’s FAQs, I’ve just reached out to have someone come back.

All in all, I see Enjoy-type service being a competitive advantage for brands that use it. It’s hard to beat this level of - free - personal service that came at 1 PM on a Sunday following my order at 11 PM Saturday night.