The Best of Tech & Non-Tech at the New Nike Store

If you Google the new Nike store in New York, you’ll see rundown after rundown of all the technology in the space and the related ways customers can use the Nike app before and during a visit. That’s all good. Great, even.

But what makes this store most impressive is the application of some retail basics. Specifically, the visual design is downright stunning, the energy - helped by music and Nike enthusiasts - is sky high, and the merchandise (you know, what retailers actually make money on) looks fantastic.

The best technology in this store is an enabler, specifically when it comes to getting service from humans, who were understandably hard to come by on weekend afternoon near Rockefeller Center during holiday shopping season. Yes, the fact that you can use an app to beckon an associate to bring you the shoe you like in your size is a game-changer (though it still takes quite a while).

My favorite digital tool in the store is the ability to use the Nike app to scan a bar code on a mannequin and immediately see the product info for all items shown (though, I was actually surprised Nike isn’t leveraging AR here). Making it easier for customers to find information about displayed product is a conversation I’ve had with various retailers. This is the best execution of it I’ve seen.