Kicking off #GoodNewsRetail

Want to know the latest news in retail bankruptcies and store closures? There are trackers for that. And there should be.

But most of us believe retail isn’t dead. 

New stores are opening. (ThredUp)

Existing stores are being updated in interesting ways, some with technology (Lowe's) and some without (Warby Parker).

Creative marketing opportunities and concepts abound. (BuzzFeed/Shopify)

Even e-commerce is improving. (Frank & Oak, Best Buy)

Sometimes an old-fashioned sign in a store window is compelling. (Cole Haan last month, below)

What’s new and interesting? What looks good? What’s unproven but sounds like a good idea we should keep an eye on? I’ll use #GoodNewsRetail to share these finds on Twitter and Instagram and I hope you will, too.

I’ll also focus many future blog posts on optimistic news the retail industry should have. It may be competitive to incumbents, it may be inspiring to large companies or budding entrepreneurs. It’s all good. 

Please tag me with #GoodNewsRetail when you come across items you want me to share or cover.