Millennial 20/20: Experience + Photo Required

If there's no picture, did it even happen?

For brands, it may as well not have.

And for millennials, if there's no picture to be taken, the experience may not happen for them at all. But it better be an experience you're selling, and not just an item.

At least these were the conclusions one could draw from last week's Millennial 20/20 Summit, hosted by Accenture. 

Examples and takeaways:

  • If you're selling "stuff" to millennials, it needs to feel experiential. Consider storytelling, involve the consumer, encourage user-generated content. (Alexandra Wilkis Wilson of Fitz)
  • Think social sharing opportunities first. Every lifestyle event gets a hashtag. (Time Out New York)
  • During a ski vacation for millennials, tasting craft beer or a behind-the-scenes restaurant experience is all-but-required. (Vail Resorts)
  • The "arrival moment" and photo-worthy backdrops are staged with Instagram in mind, such as at W Retreat Koh Samui, below (W Hotels)