A Last-Minute Gift Tip for Consumers & Retailers

Are you a shopper who missed a holiday shipping deadline, doesn't have the necessary shipping address, or just lacks the confidence to select a gift for someone? If so, I recommend browsing - digitally, of course - one of the many retailers offering the GiftNow service. I got to experience GiftNow when LoopCommerce, GiftNow's parent company, sent me a gift earlier this year. I was really impressed. 

Unlike digital or physical gift cards that flash a dollar figure in front of your recipient or force her to enter a promo code, this solution lets you thoughtfully select an actual gift for someone. Upon receiving an e-mail alert with your personal message, your recipient can accept the item or exchange it before it even ships. Retailers at which you can use GiftNow now include Saks, Banana Republic, Target, Macy's, Coach, and many more.

And for all my friends in retail, I like GiftNow because it allows your company to keep capturing holiday sales from people who missed your shipping cutoff date, introduce your brand to gift recipients who may end up being new customers, and reduce your return rate on gifts.


Note: I have no formal relationship with LoopCommerce and I wasn't paid to write this.