Behind 5 of Last Week's Consumer Headlines

(or, what I was thinking as I caught up on the news)

Target’s Omnichannel Two-App Tactic

·      Most companies can’t get customers to download, keep, and use one mobile app, while Target has rolled out two

·      With its Cartwheel app known to be one of the industry’s biggest couponing successes, Target has smartly leveraged indoor geo-mapping (which I can’t believe more large stores aren’t) to help customers find deals

·      In the best-possible split if a retailer can’t fit everything into one friendly user experience, Target’s separate “flagship” app focuses on less store-centric functionality like BOPUS and curbside pick-up


Gamifying Your Contact Center: Making the “Like” Economy Work For You

·      A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what I called “Human E-commerce”, so I was excited to see how Stella Connect is thinking about the humans making magic happen in contact centers

·      Having spent time in retail contact centers, I know the extra effort that’s required to keep these teams – often far from a company’s stores and face-to-face customer interactions – engaged and inspired

·      While I love the idea of leaderboards and I’m sure they boost morale, I think it’s also important to connect teams not just with each other but with the retailer’s product and mission


Commerce Cards, Now on the Mobile Web

·      As a consumer who wants to spend money on mobile in a less painful way and a retailer who wants to convert more customers on mobile, Button’s ability to show me my related purchase options while I’m in an app could be a game-changer  


Target’s Future Will Be Decided by Kids

·      While I don’t agree with the headline, I agree with Target’s strategy to use cheap-and-chic kids apparel to pull in parents, who are likely to spend elsewhere in the store

·      But at cheap price points, the necessary investments required in display (even Target admits the clothes sell 30% better when featured on mannequins) and marketing (in an increasingly crowded kids market) will need to be offset by a ton of units

·      The huge investment in private label could the right high-margin bet or a painful inventory overage


Publicis Groupe Creates New Entity for Walmart to Handle U.S. Creative, In-Store Marketing

·      I’ve very curious about what the emphasis here will be, as I’d prioritize tactical in-store shopper marketing tactics over big creative changes (Walmart is going up against Amazon, which doesn’t present much creative competition)

·      What Walmart has, of course, are its stores – so driving people in to experience the product that needs to be experienced and focusing on conversion once they’re there seems like the right differentiator